Bombadillo is a non-web browser, designed for a growing list of protocols operating outside of the web.

Bombadillo's terminal user interface

Bombadillo is operated from your terminal, allowing you to browse content, follow links, and engage in the non-web with ease. The main features of Bombadillo are:

Do you know of another great protocol you'd like to see support for in Bombadillo? Have you encountered a bug? Add it as an issue in our source code repository.

Getting Bombadillo

Bombadillo will run on any, to our knowledge, Unix-like system. To run the program the only dependencies are a terminal that supports VT-100 style escape codes (if you don't know if this is you: it probably is) and the programs tput and stty (which are present on the vast majority of such systems). Bombadillo can also be configured to integrate with external web browsers installed on your system, such as Firefox and Lynx, to allow the use of HTTP/HTTPS.

Bombadillo can be built from source code. To do so you will need Git, and a Go compiler installed on your system. Then do the following:

git clone https://tildegit.org/sloum/bombadillo
cd bombadillo
sudo make install

If you do not have GNU make or compatible software installed on your system, but do have a Go compiler, you can also:

go install

Precompiled executables are also available from our page here.

For more information on installing Bombadillo, view README.md in the downloaded repository, view it online in our source code repository.